The whole of England is divided into parishes, making a map of the country look rather like a patchwork quilt of spiritual care by the Church of England. One such “patch” is the parish of Saint George the Martyr, Queen Square, established in 1723, situated at the very heart of the bustling global crossroads that is London.
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Our vision is to be a church for this magnificent city: rooted deep in the local neighbourhood but being here also for all the businesses, institutions and varied communities that make up and pass through the city centre. Although only a half-mile square, the parish contains a wealth of world-class institutions leading the way in science, healthcare, education, law, business and the arts in this corner of the “Knowledge Quarter”. Meanwhile, whilst this part of London is not densely populated, there are also several thousand residents, including many international students.
At Saint George the Martyr we focus on “Four Pillars” to express our core values: Welcome, Worship, Wisdom and Witness and we stand ready to share the love of God with all who live, work and play here in central London.
, History, Saint George The Martyr - SGTM
, History, Saint George The Martyr - SGTM
The church building remains a haven of peace and beauty, a sanctuary amidst the bustle of modern life but, as you can imagine, a church built at the start of the Eighteenth century requires a lot of loving care and attention. For over 300 years, the church here has stood strong and served the community tirelessly and completely self-funded. If you would like to read some more about the history of the church, click here to see our history document.

Our Church Today

Saint George the Martyr church, Queen Square, first opened its door for worship and community support in 1706. It was designated a parish church in its own right in 1723: for over three hundred years the church has been a beating heart of integrity and compassion for local residents and commuting workers, not to mention the countless local educationaland healthcare institutions and business enterprises.

Over three centuries, successive dedicated clergy, church councils andcongregations have sought to keep the building in a state of repair that reflects its societal status and cultural significance, not to mention a safe and warm environment out of which to meet the needs of the local populace. All works have been completed without a funding stream from the wider Church of England. And this is still the case to this day. The church building is now very old and very tired, with broken plaster, peeling paint and inadequate heating: all funds required to repair and redecorate must be found locally.

Sadly, Saint George the Martyr church, Queen Square, is now on the Heritage “At Risk” register: our honest hope and devout prayer is that we can rescue the building from decline and reverse its prospects, that it would stand for another 300 years, helping countless generations to come.

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Please join in with this vision today, and give generously, so that the building and the work may continue for many more years to come.